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CTFO vape oils provide a way to enjoy all the health advantages of CBD oils however in a very tasty vape oil. CTFO chosen concentrating on vape oils instead of vape cartridges for just two reasons. Firstly, bottles of oil are a lot more green than cartridges which are mostly packaging and can’t be reused. Secondly, it offers customers control over how they use CTFO vape oils.

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All CTFO vape oils are 100% clear of nicotine and THC and so are made out of pure CBD hemp oil, producing a healthy experience. Having less THC also means you don’t need to worry about filling the body with THC and suffering potential negative unwanted effects.

Vapes oils can be found in two different delicious flavors: Blueberry Cheesecake and Natural Citrus. Customers may also select from a 500mg option and a stronger 1500mg option, ideal for those that need a slightly stronger dose of CBD.

CTFO CBD Edibles

CBD gummies will be the perfect way to take care of yourself during the day. Instead of reaching for traditional candy that does bit more than harm your teeth, CTFO gummies actually improve your health insurance and taste great.

Each gummy contains 20mg of CBD hemp oil to greatly help promote a healthy disease fighting capability, helping you feel prepared to undertake even the toughest of challenges. Gummies are manufactured from natural ingredients which have been chosen because of their ability to help the body procedure CBD and make sure that you gain whenever you can from each dose.

CTFO gummies can be found in jars of 30 and may either end up being purchased as person jars or in bulk packs, assisting you to save just a little extra. Jars are compact, making them perfect for taking to utilize you for a day pick-me-up or enjoying on lengthy journeys if you want a supplementary dose of CBD to maintain you going.

For individuals who are searching for a super quick way to take pleasure from CBD, without all the added sugar and flavor that produce gummies so fruity and fun, CTFO also sells CBD capsules supplying a similarly seamless experience.

Created from pure CBD, the capsules offer an effective and reliable dose of CBD when it’s needed most. Each capsule contains 10mg of CBD, making them perfect as a midday top-up or even while part of your morning supplement routine.

Each jar contains 30 capsules, and exactly like gummy jars, they have already been designed with portability at heart. With a permanent jar of capsules in the bottom of your bag, you won’t ever again discover yourself in times where you will need a quick dose of CBD but don’t have any one hand.


CTFO CBD Oils and Vapes

  • Pure Full Spectrum CBD Oil Drops Pack of 10 (500mg+) – From $99.97
  • 10X Pure Gold Super Oil Pack of 10 (1000mg+) – From $119.97
  • CBD Vape Blueberry Cheesecake (500mg+) – From $59.97
  • CBD Vape Natural Citrus (500mg+) – From $59.97
  • Full Spectrum CBD Oil Drops (300mg+) – From $49.97
  • Full Spectrum CBD Oil Drops 3 Pack (300mg+) – From $129.97
  • ISOLATE CBD Oil Drops (500mg+) – From $59.97
  • ISOLATE CBD Oil Drops Pack of 3 (500mg+) – From $149.97

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